Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality products that help solve a problem and do it at an affordable price. We strive to promote the game of Golf and make it more enjoyable for all parties.

Meet the Owner

Jim Brockman

As a child of about 11 years old with crazy ideas for business opportunities to make money. My first idea was a worm farm, my mother told me a “Scared Nickle Never Made a Dime”. At the time I had no idea what she meant. As I grew up I figured it out. Chase your dreams be positive & never give up.

I have been tinkering, fixing & building golf clubs for years & used a vibration dampening insert made by a major golf shaft company until about 10 years ago when they restricted sales of them unless you bought there shaft pre-installed. Hence the birth of SHAFTEASE Vibration Dampening Insert.

SHAFTEASE went to market on a limited scale in November 2019 & now has been sold in 6 countries & growing.

Ready to take the Sting Out of your Swing?